1. Just write

What I wrote in the entry: How to write a chapter in 1 day, it is especially important to maintain motivation. Do not correct 10 times a sentence, you will do it later. Do not take too long breaks, write everything that comes to mind. Soon you will catch flow and you will have several pages.

  1. Get rid of perfectionism

Although at the beginning you may think that the diploma thesis is a great scientific piece, which must be written perfectly, it is not. You would be surprised to know how much time promoters are checking one job. Therefore, wanting to stay motivated, give up perfectionism. You do not have to write everything right away, the promoter will show you the improvements you will later make. Seminars, after all, are used to help you fine-tune your work. Resuming this point – “Do it wrong, but do it”.

  1. Release plans and spreads

Although I like to plan my own work and use different schedules, I advise against planning when writing jobs. All you need is a pre-approved plan and timetable for your writing that should “keep you in check”.

Do not write down the detailed plans of particular sub-chapters, you do not foresee completely what will be found in them, everything will result in the course. It will take you more time to get detailed in the stages than writing.

Do not plan in detail about your work and how much you will write in a given day. This will only lead to unnecessary frustration and anger. Come to the matter at ease, work through honestly scheduled times, and see the results very quickly.

  1. Do not get overwhelmed by the amount of materials

As you probably noticed, I always encourage you to choose topics that you will find a lot of materials in accordance with the principle of “the head does not hurt from the shrine”. Sometimes, however, you will find that this head can hurt and not only after Friday evening. For some topics, the amount of materials is overwhelming, hundreds of books, texts, reports that are often mutually exclusive, can make you catch your head.

Do not lose motivation. Who says you need to use all sources? Choose the latest ones, in your opinion, the most interesting ones and THESE YOU WILL READ CAREFULLY AND UNDERSTAND. If an author writes in a vague language, let go, it is a waste of your time. You will find better materials written in plain language.

Remember that it is not worth being overzealous, if your university requires 25 bachelor’s thesis, you do not have to put them in 60. I think you have more interesting activities than sitting in the library?

  1. Do not write at home

Working at home is quite a question, if you know a programmer or other freelancer, ask him where he prefers working at home or in the office? Work at home is characterized by convenience, you can write in pajamas without getting up from the bed.

But is the work supposed to be convenient? The work is to be effective. Therefore, it is best if you accept the assumption – work is a job, a house is a home. Consider writing your bachelor’s or master’s degree as a normal job at certain times. So pack your laptop, put on a “work outfit” and go politely to your job.

Where to work? I recommend you all libraries. There is usually quiet, you can not eat and drink, wash the windows, or go to the fridge every five minutes. You also have access to literature, so if you want to add or improve something, it’s probably the best place.

You can try working in so-called coworking spaces, which are more and more in Polish cities and where for a small fee you will get the opportunity to use office space. Are such places conducive to writing work? I leave it to your assessment.

  1. Overcome difficult moments

You write, you have caught the flow, there are more pages you suddenly come across a wall and you can not write anything? Difficult moments happen to everyone, even the best-known writers often suffer from “lack of creative inspiration”. If you came across such a moment and the writing ceased to leave you, first of all do not worry. The best way is to go to write an easier passage. If you have blocked yourself on something, stop working and start writing an easier part to which you have materials.

Do not be tempted and do not immediately start looking for information on the internet. This will distract your attention unnecessarily. Save the search term in your notes. You will return to it at the material search stage. In an ideal situation you will have a whole chapter ready, to which you will have to add only a few missing paragraphs.

  1. Make an appointment with a promoter for a given date

One of the most effective motivational techniques is the public declaration. After all, if you say something to the public, then you must keep your word because you do not want to go out on something unreliable. You can use this when writing a job. Make an appointment with the supervisor that you will bring a specific number of eg 10 pages written or the whole chapter of the work for the next seminar.

After making a promise, your motivation will increase dramatically because you simply have no way out. You will not break the word, especially that it may have unpleasant consequences. One of them is that the promoter will cease to consider you as a serious person, and for that you want to pass the truth?

  1. Competition with other students

Many people need to compete with someone to feel super motivated. Find someone who works for the same promoter and start cooperating with him / her. Compare your results, watch progress, arrange specific dates for the preparation of specific batches of material, etc. Let it be someone in the style of your training partner.

  1. Reward yourself

Rewarding is a good way to maintain motivation. Just do not overdo it, writing half a page is not enough to reward you with going to the cinema or party. Reward yourself for writing a chapter or at least 10 pages. Of course, do not forget about the extra prize after writing the whole work. Let the reward for writing a chapter be going to the cinema, party or wherever you want. For writing the whole work, let it be a week-long vacation. You deserved finally.

I have heard the story that what more radical students are able to buy a trip, book a flight for a specified period, usually a few days after the deadline for defense. In this way, somehow they force themselves to defend themselves on the first date. What do you think about this method?

  1. Get help from professionals

Do you know that the average book is written by one person, another (and usually a few) are already doing the correction, but does someone else prepare and print for it? It’s your job to write a job. You can outsource language correction and technical formatting to professionals. You will save many hours this way. Is this a good motivation? Of course, I recommend the Magister’s services for 5

A summary

So much for the subject of motivation. I could give you dozens of motivational tricks, but I think it is pointless. If you follow the tips in this article supplemented with information from the entry how to write a thesis chapter in 1 day then your motivation will reach a very high level.

Do not forget to use the pomodoro method, which can transfer your work and future professional career to an unprecedented level. Read- pomodoro method.

Question for you

Dear Student, do you feel motivated? Have my tips helped you? Or maybe you are using other ways to increase your motivation? Please share your experiences in the comments.

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